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Penrith RSL 16 Feb and Cyndi Boste Album

Hey all you good folks… Bayou Boogie Boys will be plying our trade out at Penrith RSL next Sunday 16 Feb 2-5pm…honkytonk dancing compulsory…! and… I don’t usually do this but one of my favourite artists in Australia has come

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Boogie Boys Back at Shady Pines Saloon this Saturday!

Ladies & Gents – this Saturday the Shady Pines Saloon returns with live music – and kicking off live music is the Bayou Boogie Boys – returning to their spiritual home in Sydney… This Saturday evening early – 6-9pm Seeyathere…

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Bayou Boogie Boys back on at the Bowlo – Marrickville – this Sunday 28th

We’re baaaaaaccccckkkkk…. yep – that’s us…it’s been a few months but… Bryen and the Bayou Boogie Boys are back at Marrickville Sports and Recreation Club this Sunday 28th July 4.30pm-7.30pm Come on down to the Bowlo and soak up some

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“Hello Beer” finalist for 12th International Music Awards Country Category

Well whad’ya know – “Hello Beer” made the finals of the Independent Music Awards Country Category – cool – goes to show that in country music the song topic is everything… Here’s the site for the finalist – they’re asking

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Album Review – CD Insight

Bryen Willems – No Band Here Till Friday By Joe Ross March 22, 2012 Lyrics for the four Bryen Willems originals are included in the CD jacket for the honky tonker’s second alt-country release. The album’s title “No Band Here

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Album Review Matt Lawrence Oz Country Chronicles

Bryen Willems – No Band Here Till Friday (2012) 02/09/2012 Track List: 1. Two For One Cocktails 2. Ace In The Hole 3. Together Again 4. She Let Herself Go 5. Let’s Be In Love 6. Nowhere Road 7. Hello

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A Couple of Big Gigs This Weekend and Other News

Nicki Gillis and the Rainmakers Riverstone Schofields Memorial Club Market St, Riverstone Saturday 9.00pm – midnight It’s a full band gig so the gang’s all there.  Come check out Mitch’s socks.  He always has trouble deciding which socks to wear

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Album Review Stacks Magazine

No Band Here Till Friday Bryen Willems Willems is a Louisiana native who’s made Australia home, his interest in music ignited since his arrival. Although this is such authentic hardcore honky tonk, you’d have thought he brought it with him!

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Rhythms Magazine – Review – No Band Here Till Friday

‘Hello Beer’ could just be the best song-title ever! And the lyrics aren’t far behind: “Hello Beer, how was your day, mine was OK, can you take me away.” Bryen Willems is a rare artist in that he can walk

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Swamp News!

On the Road Again… We’re at the Maitland City Muster this weekend…lots of great events happening and perfect way to start off a long weekend…so here’s what’s coming up… Fri 1 Oct – Legends of Country Show 7pm – 10.30pm

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