Penrith RSL 16 Feb and Cyndi Boste Album

Hey all you good folks…

Bayou Boogie Boys will be plying our trade out at Penrith RSL next Sunday 16 Feb 2-5pm…honkytonk dancing compulsory…!


I don’t usually do this but one of my favourite artists in Australia has come out with a new album – Cyndi Boste.  Her new album is called Nowadays and it’s an absolute beauty…contact her through her website to find out more.  Her album launch for the Sydney area is at the wonderful Petersham Bowling Club on Sat 22 March.

It’s an amazing piece of work…she coproduced the album with Jeremy Edwards (another personal fav) and the album sounds Neil Youngy in some parts and straight country in others…vocals are amazing – lower register beautifully timbred.  Listening to her songwriting reminds me of Rodney Crowell…so hopefully that’ll encourage you to give it a run.

Here’s a review from Bernard Zuehl from SMH to get ya started…

Cyndi Boste
Nowadays (WMP)
(Four Stars)
There’s a really attractive ease to Cyndi Boste’s new album. Not easy listening (though it passes very pleasantly over the shell-likes), nor exactly laidback (though tempos are mostly around mid-pace and overt aggression is avoided). Instead it’s a sense that Boste, fellow guitarist Jeremy Edwards, drummer George Brugmans, bassist Mike Rix and bonus extras such as pedal steel player Roy Payne, violinist Glenny Rae and Hammond player Rob Woolf, fit together like a well loved pair of boots. If How Come comes across like Hank Williams projected into a 1970s bar then Rectify puts Mavis Staples into the back of a Kingswood and Happy Day imagines Charles Bradley if he’d grown up on Stars and Paul Kelly circa the Coloured Girls. Getting the picture? This is adult oriented roots music, soaked in country music which has its own toughness and enhanced by soul-based rock. Boste’s voice has lived, though it never sounds worn away, and she tells a story with the feel of a village elder. That is, with conviction and with ease.
Bernard Zuel  Sydney Morning Herald

Anyway – thanks for all your support.

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